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Fire Damage and Smoke Removal Services Los Gatos

Fire events are really traumatic; no matter if it’s small or huge. Fire isn’t the only one to damage your property. Smoke and soot prove to be more destructive towards your property than fire itself. Smoke penetrates through the deepest surfaces and if water remains standing or if moisture gets in the structure and can create severe damage. Call Water Damage Los Gatos immediately for fire and smoke damage restoration once the fire is extinguished completely from the structure.

Water Damage Los Gatos responds fast in all fire events and will reach your site within 45 minutes or less. We assess the damage and prepare a record through photographs, video clips and paper documentation. We then segregate the area as per the damage caused by fire, smoke and soot and then start the restoration process accordingly. Proper clean up of the structure along with the contents and restoration is performed and debris is removed from the area. After that, we’ll deodorize and sanitize the affected area and inspect it for mold growth. If any signs of mold growth are discovered, our team will immediately remove the mold and decontaminate the area.

People in California trust us for their residential and commercial fire and smoke damage restoration. We have conducted a survey amongst our clients and have a better understanding on to why they trust us:
•We are recommended by our previous clients and stated as the best for damage restoration services.
•All our employees are background verified and screened for drugs and alcohol. They are also verified for not having criminal backgrounds.
•We provide a written inventory of all the damaged items, areas, their repairing details along with their respective costs, and the total time the entire process will take.
•Our service record and prices are very much reasonable and feasible as compared to other local damage restoration companies.
•We use only the best and state of the art equipment to perform all the restoration jobs.
•We were committed to be there if any problems arise as a result of our restoration work at their site and we have fulfilled our commitment in the exceptional cases where any problem has arrived.
•We are licensed, bonded and insured.
•We are surely available to serve you 24/7 throughout the year.